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22.01.2018 17:00

CoQuS-Alumnus Talk by Tarik Berrada, Wien Energie

"Energy economics"

04.12.2017 17:30

CoQuS-Talk by Sebastian Huber, ETH Zürich

“A quantized quadrupole insulator in a mechanical metamaterial”


29.11.2017 10:00

Talk on "High-sensitivity Tests of Gravity: the Equivalence Principle and the Inverse-square Law"

by Eric G. Adelberger; Center for Experimental Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics, University of Washington, USA

27.11.2017 17:30

CoQuS-Talk by Sylvain Gigan; ENS, Paris

“Wavefront control in disordered media: from imaging to quantum information processing”


23.11.2017 17:15

Talk on "Gamifying quantum research: harnessing human intuition"

by Jacob Friis Sherson; AU Ideas Center for Community Driven Research, CODER

Department of Physic and Astronomy, Aarhus University


22.11.2017 11:00

Talk on "Momentum-Field Interactions Beyond Standard Quadratic Optomechanics"

by Sina Khorasani; EPFL, Lausanne, CH

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