The group “Quantum Optics, Quantum Nanophysics and Quantum Information” is internationally highly competitive in various quantum research areas covering experimental and theoretical research in foundations of quantum physics, quantum optics, quantum information, strongly correlated quantum systems as well as molecular quantum nanophysics.


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Thomas Juffmann erhält den renommierten ERC Starting Grant des Europäischen Forschungsrats, der bahnbrechende Grundlagenforschung fördert. Die mit 1,5...


Preis der Stadt Wien für JungwissenschafterInnen an Mitglieder der Quantengruppe


Our experimental research covering indefinite causal order is highlighted in Scientia.

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Latest Events

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13.03.2018 15:00

Talk on "Tailoring the Dynamics of a Nanomechanical Resonator with (Anti-)squashed Light"

Nenad Kralj; University of Camerino, I

09.03.2018 10:30

Talk on "Quantum Measurements at LIGO"

Nancy Aggarwal; MIT-LIGO Lab, Pasadena, USA

05.03.2018 17:30

CoQuS Talk by Jeff Steinhauer; Technion, Haifa

"Observation of quantum Hawking radiation and its entanglement in an analogue black hole"

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