The group “Quantum Optics, Quantum Nanophysics and Quantum Information” is internationally highly competitive in various quantum research areas covering experimental and theoretical research in foundations of quantum physics, quantum optics, quantum information, strongly correlated quantum systems as well as molecular quantum nanophysics.


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Our Publication on Gravitationally induced phase shift on a single photon was highlighted in Nature Photonics.


Prof. Walther was part of the experts group that passed the Red Bull Mind Gamers escape room.


Our understanding of the world is mostly built on basic perceptions, such as that events follow each other in a well-defined order. Such definite...

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05.07.2017 11:00

Talk on Generating Mechanical Interference Fringes by Counting Photons

Martin Ringbauer from the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK, will give a talk on Generating Mechanical Interference Fringes by Counting Photons.

28.06.2017 15:00

Orientierungsworkshop Physikphilosophie - Teil 2

Vortragende: Dr. Irena Doicescu; TU Dresden

27.06.2017 15:00

Orientierungsworkshop Physikphilosophie - Teil 1

Vortragende: Dr. Irena Doicescu, TU Dresden

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