The group “Quantum Optics, Quantum Nanophysics and Quantum Information” is internationally highly competitive in various quantum research areas covering experimental and theoretical research in foundations of quantum physics, quantum optics, quantum information, strongly correlated quantum systems as well as molecular quantum nanophysics.


Latest News

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Our experimental research covering indefinite causal order is highlighted in Scientia.


Our paper "Experimental two-way communication with one photon" was commented in New Scientist.


Our publication on “Integrated-optics heralded controlled-NOT gate for polarization-encoded qubits” appeared in npj Quantum Information.

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Latest Events

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10.04.2018 14:45

Talk on "The sound of quantum mechanics"

by Konrad Lehnert; JILA Fellow and Professor of Physics, University of Colorado and NIST

09.04.2018 09:30

Talk on "Levitated Nano-Magnets as Quantum Transducers"

by Jan Gieseler; Department of Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge (USA)

05.04.2018 15:00

Talk on "Gravimetry through non-linear optomechanics"

by Sofia Qvarfort; Quantum Information Group, University College London, UK

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