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25.03.2019 17:00

CoQuS Alumnus Talk by Michael Vanner

on "Measurement based quantum optomechanics: Towards macroscopic superposition state preparation”

15.03.2019 11:00

Talk on "Adaptive optics with wavefront curvature sensor"

by Iurie Coroli, Delft University of Technology

13.03.2019 15:00

Talk on "Design and operation of a Penning ion trap for quantum simulation "

by Christian Marciniak; University of Sydney, AUS

04.03.2019 17:00

CoQuS Talk by Giulio Chiribella

on "A second-quantised Shannon theory"

27.02.2019 14:00

Talk on "Chiral cavity quantum electrodynamics with whispering-gallery-modes"

by Michael Scheucher; TU Wien

25.02.2019 11:00

Talk on "Next Challenges in Gravitational Wave Astronomy" and "Micromechanical resonators for optomechanics and improved gravitational wave detectors"

David Blair and Li Ju; University of Western Australia

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