VCQ Colloquium by Otfried Guehne, Siegen University, DE

14.12.2020 17:00 - 18:00

"An Invitation to Quantum Steering"

Quantum steering was originally introducedby Schrödinger in order to capture the essenceof the EPR argument. In the modern formulation,steering is a type of quantum correlations whichlies between entanglement and the violation ofBell inequalities.In this talk, I will first give an introductioninto the topic. Then, several results on quantumsteering shall be discussed: First, I will explainthe connection to joint measurability ofgeneralized measurements. Second, an algorithmicapproach to characterize the quantum states thatcan be used for steering will be introduced. Withthis, one can solve the problem of steerabilityfor two-qubit states. Finally, it can be shownthat the number of outcomes of a measurement isalso relevant for being useful for steering.


Monday, 14thDecember 2020, 17:00



Meeting-ID: 989 9108 2522 Kenncode: JaBTH1

Host: Anton Zeilinger

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