Invitation VCQ Talk: Novel Platforms for Quantum Science and Technology


Colloquium Talk by Andreas Nunnenkamp on March 21st at the Main Lecture Hall at ATI/TU Wien.

Monday, March 21st 2022

17:15 get-together with coffee and snacks

Main Lecture Hall at TU Wien, Atominstitut, Stadionallee 2, 1020 Vienna

The seminar talk will be preceded by a VCQ Student talk at 17:45 by Miguel Gallego Ballester: Macroscopically nonlocal quantum correlations

Host: Markus Aspelmeyer

Due to the current Covid-situation, please don’t forget to wear your FFP2-mask at the Atominstitut and keep a 1-meter-distance during the get-together with coffee and snacks.



The 'second quantum revolution' aims at exploiting coherence for novel technologies that will likely involve electromagnetic, mechanical, atomic, and topological degrees of freedom. Directional amplifiers, that amplify signals depending on the propagation direction, have recently attracted much attention, also for applications in quantum technologies. Here, I will present a unifying framework based on topology to understand non-reciprocity and directional amplification in driven-dissipative cavity arrays. Specifically, I will discuss a one-to-one correspondence between a non-zero topological invariant defined on the spectrum of the dynamic matrix and regimes of directional amplification, in which the end-to-end gain grows exponentially with the number of cavities. Time permitting, I will give a brief overview on our work on higher-order and fractional discrete time crystals in quantum and classical spin arrays.

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