Molecular Magnetism in LUMI Interferometry


The Arndt Group's first interferometric measurements of molecular diamagnetism have just been published in PCCP!

We measure the diamagnetic deflection of anthracene and adamantane in a long-baseline matter-wave interferometer. From the nanometer-level deflection we extract the magnetic susceptibilities of the molecules which we compare with calculations and previous results. Adamantane yields an isotropic average mass susceptibility of −8.0 ± 1.1 m3 kg−1, consistent with expectations, while anthracene yields a higher-than-anticipated value of −13.6 ± 1.3 m3 kg−1. We attribute the high anthracene value to the planar aromatic molecule's magnetic anisotropy and partial alignment in the molecular beam, and estimate the magnitude of the effect on the observed deflection.