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25.09.2019 11:00

Talk on "Entanglement dynamics of two mesoscopic objects with gravitational interaction"

by Chau Nguyen, Uni Siegen, DE

24.09.2019 15:00

Talk on "Superconductivity in a high impedance environment"

by Anil Murani, CEA-Saclay, France

23.09.2019 11:00

Talk on "Scaling quantum optics experiments & optimal imaging with number-resolving photon detectors"

by Raphael Abrahao, University of Queensland

01.07.2019 09:32

Talk on "Novel Regimes of Quantum Optomechanics"

by Lukas Neumaier

24.06.2019 17:00

CoQuS Talk by Philipp Haslinger, TU Wien

on “Probing the forces of gravity, blackbody radiation and dark energy with matter waves”


27.05.2019 14:00

Talk on "Optical, mechanical and thermal properties of superfluid helium drops levitated in vacuum"

by Charles Brown, Yale

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