International Day of Women and Girls in Science


International Day of Women and Girls in Science took place on 11 February, and we continue to celebrate.

Quantum physicists are much more than just interested in this daunting mathematical discipline. Salambô Dago, Anne-Catherine de la Hamette, Hanieh Jafarian, Carla Richter and Ksenija Simonovic show that real physicists are creative, connected to nature and apply their special way of thinking in many other fields. For a glimpse into the lives of these physicists, watch our latest video

Sparks of Quantum Physics: Perspectives shaping the future

It shows that for physicists at the University of Vienna, creativity goes much further. Whether it's painting a new picture, playing the piano or solving problems you've never even heard of. Join our team as we experiment with high-powered lasers in futuristic labs and see how teamwork and a great community help overcome the challenges of everyday life. Find out what it is like to be a young quantum physicist who has to stand up for your decisions and your creative and new ideas.

More information about this day, launched by the United Nations, can be found at the following

University of Vienna

Women in Science

United Nations



Laboratory shot during the production of the video Sparks of Quantum Physics: Perspectives that shape the future

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