Talk by Prof. Enrique Solano, on January 26th


NISQ Advantage with Quantum Computers

Speaker:  Prof. Enrique Solano (KIPU Quantum)

When:      Thursday, January 26th
                 starting at 11:30

Where:     Erwin Schrödinger lecture hall (5th floor, Boltzmanngasse 5)

Host:        Borivoje Dakic & Philip Walther



I will describe digital, analog, and digital-analog quantum computing paradigms. Moreover, I will present recent results using digitized-counterdiabatic quantum computing, digital-analog quantum algorithms, and neuromorphic quantum computing, all in the frame of different hardware implementations. Furthermore, I will discuss the possibility of reaching quantum advantage for industry use cases with NISQ quantum computers in trapped ions, superconducting circuits, neutral atoms, and photonic systems.