The group “Quantum Optics, Quantum Nanophysics and Quantum Information” is internationally highly competitive in various quantum research areas covering experimental and theoretical research in foundations of quantum physics, quantum optics, quantum information, strongly correlated quantum systems as well as molecular quantum nanophysics.


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In the world around us processes appear to follow a certain time-direction: dandelions eventually turn into blowballs. However, the quantum realm does...


NISQ Advantage with Quantum Computers


Currently, several open positions for PhD students and postdocs are available in both our experimental and theoretical research groups.

Latest Events

16.01.2023 17:30

VCQ Colloquium Talk by Abhay Ashtekar

"On the Quantum Nature of the Coulombic Interaction"

09.01.2023 17:30

VCQ Talk by Chiara Marletto

"Beyond quantum computation: the physics of can and can’t"

05.12.2022 17:00

VCQ Talk by Ron Folman (Ben-Gurion University)

"Realization of a complete Stern-Gerlach interferometer: Towards a test of quantum gravity"