The group “Quantum Optics, Quantum Nanophysics and Quantum Information” is internationally highly competitive in various quantum research areas covering experimental and theoretical research in foundations of quantum physics, quantum optics, quantum information, strongly correlated quantum systems as well as molecular quantum nanophysics.




Watch the 2022 Nobel Prize lectures in physics (8 Dec.) and the Nobel Prize award ceremony (10 Dec.), both broadcast directly from Stockholm.


At the University of Vienna, quantum physicists from different countries, ages and career levels, have one thing in common: Genuinely curious, they...


The European Commission has announced support for fundamental research to study the interplay of gravity and the quantum world in a new experiment. A...


07.11.2022 17:00

"Electrons and Light: Ponderomotive Beam Shaping and Optical Near-field Electron Microscopy"

13.06.2022 17:15

"A Quantum Sensor for Vacuum Metrology"

30.05.2022 17:15

"Photon pair correlations: from imaging to spacetime entanglement"